CCDE v3 Practice Labs a closer look

CCDE v3 Practice Labs; Preparing for the Cisco Certified Design Expert Lab Exam

Download the sample introduction chapter

A fantastic resource to culminate your study plan and practice with scenarios that echo the format, duration and complexity found in the real CCDE lab exam.

CCDE v3 Practice Labs include the following scenarios:

Jacobs – a growing enterprise going through a WAN replacement / optimization focusing on enterprise core elements found within one of three core labs you will meet in the real CCDE lab exam.

Squid Energy – an energy company deploying a large scale IoT project focusing on enterprise core elements found within one of three core labs you will meet in the real CCDE lab exam.

Bank of Jersey – a large off shore bank replacing their network with a mix of on premise and cloud technology focusing on enterprise core elements and an “area of expertise” found within one of chosen modules you can meet in the real CCDE lab exam.

Take the scenarios under exam conditions, work through the debrief to achieve a score & find out if you are ready to take your practical exam, find your weaker areas and demystify the lab exam. A great coaching resource to focus on the “why” and increase your chances of success in the real lab exam.

In-depth, super-realistic lab prep for the Cisco CCDE v3 Practical Exam

CCDE demonstrates your expert-level ability to design networks correctly from the outset, so they’re easier to manage and scale for years to come. The CCDE v3 update makes this credential more valuable than ever, but high-quality, cost-effective lab training has been extremely scarce. CCDE v3 Practice Labs fills that gap, coaching you through essential preparation for the scenario-based Cisco CCDE Practical Exam v3.

Martin James Duggan draws on 20+ years of experience designing global Cisco networks, mentoring colleagues at world-class networking organizations, and personally contributing to Cisco’s CCDE exam updates. His three highly realistic scenario-based labs are carefully designed to match the real exam’s complexity and format and are supported with detailed debriefs explaining why the correct answers are right and the ”distractors” are wrong.

Duggan presents an insider’s overview of the updated exam blueprint, offering indispensable guidance for approaching an intense 8-hour exam unlike any you might have experienced. Throughout, he focuses on ”why,” not just ”how”helping you develop the right mindset, fully evaluate your readiness, and integrate missing knowledge you need to succeed.

  • Show you can design high-value solutions that reflect the ”big picture,” business strategy, and real-world constraints
  • Validate your ability to collaborate with and delight key stakeholders
  • Quickly capture key design insights from the information customers provide
  • Practice integrating diverse transport, control plane, virtualization, security, wireless, automation, and data center technologies covered by CCDE
  • Discover what you dont knowand need to knowin order to pass
  • Get expert strategies for overcoming the Practical Exams unique challenges

Download the sample introduction chapter