Is it worth it?

The question in frequently asked and it’s not easy to quantify what the certification brings each individual, the short answer though is “YES!”. Gaining this certification may not bring an immediate pay rise or promotion but it’s definitely going to open a lot of doors for you. Interestingly however, Cisco have not at time of writing included the CCDE within the list of required certified experts to achieve Gold partner status and purely list 4 x CCIE’s for experts, this could well change as the certification gains popularity and there could be opportunities for qualification bonuses. Ultimately you are showing your peers, employers and customers that you have reached an expert level of design acumen and your skillset should be highly marketable. On the flip side all of that study and experience is going to pay off making your day job somewhat easier than it could be allowing you to accomplish complex tasks way more efficiently than others allowing you to focus on other areas of your role.