Official Cisco CCDE information


The CCDE certification program prepares you for expert-level job roles in network architecture and designs. These roles often include integrating many different networking elements into a sustainable, manageable, and scalable architecture that supports the ever-growing needs of enterprises and customers. As one of the industry’s most respected certifications, the CCDE certification distinguishes you as a leader in designing complex network solutions.

Your license to design
To design a truly transformative IT solution, you need to know much more than just
the technology. You also need to align with business priorities. You need to factor
in the many constraints outside the control of the IT organization. You need to be
able to see the big picture and incorporate it. The Cisco® Certified Design Expert (CCDE) v3.0 certification is your proof that you have the knowledge to build effective solutions that conform to business requirements and stakeholder expectations, for today and tomorrow. This newly updated certification bridges technology and business requirements, and arms you with a breadth of knowledge and skills to navigate the waters of complex IT projects. The result? The business gets solutions that meet their requirements, fit their budget and schedule, and address today’s needs with a view to the future. You get all the glory. The CCDE enables you to design for the changing needs of a complex world.

Differentiate yourself as an elite designer
Building advanced networks goes beyond devices, protocols, and topology. You also need to account for desired business outcomes (today and in the future) and stakeholders outside the traditional IT organization. Earning the CCDE shows your expertise with high-level design that conforms to the goals of the organization and takes key business indicators into account, such as the total cost of ownership,
return on investment, and delivering an optimal solution tailored to the business needs. Unlike the CCIE®, which focuses on low-level network design and implementation, the CCDE validates your ability to work in the world of key stakeholders. Your CCDE certification proves your proficiency
in the art of soliciting and documenting true requirements and then translating them into a high-level design for a complete solution that delights your stakeholders.
CCDE v3.0 requires you to pass both a written exam and a practical exam. But did you know that passing the CCDE written (400-007) exam not only qualifies you for the CCDE practical exam, it also recertifies your existing CCIE certification? That means passing the CCDE written exam helps you focus on what’s next, while allowing you to stay current without focusing on the CCIE practical exam.
The new CCDE v3.0 practical exam remains scenario-based, but it now consists of a core set of business and networking technologies that are common across all domains, with one scenario you select based on your area of focus. This makes the CCDE a fairer and more consistent experience for all candidates. In addition, the new practical exam is administered at Cisco Certification centers.